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Use the advanced Otterspace toolkit to help your decentralized community flourish. Take advantage of the Otterspace app to integrate more nuanced forms of membership and governance to your DAO, plus automatic distribution of permissions, non-financial rewards for community members and clearer pathways for joiners.

Create and issue badges

Easily design and distribute non-transferable NFT badges to DAO members by issuing claim vouchers.

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Set up a DAO

Start building your DAO without a treasury or currency. Just a community of members with governance.

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Build quests

Distribute badges automatically by defining a set of on and off-chain requirements. The quest galaxy is still forming.

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DAOs like no otter

Check out how other DAOs are using Otterspace
Bankless DAO
7,300 members

Bankless will use Otterspace to issue Badges to Level 2 members and expiring Badges to season participants for the upcoming sixth season. With Otterspace, Bankless can visualise its season-dependent org structure on-chain and token-gate Discord roles.

Radicle DAO
8,400 members

We are working with Radicle on a project to distribute governance influence to contributors who do not hold significant liquid token allocations. Without Badges, these stakeholders would not be recognized for their specific insight and context into decisions relating to their work.

214 members

Logos DAO issues badges to represent membership and reward contributions like submissions of bug reports and feature requests. This creates an on-chain foundation for community membership and reputation.

All In For Sport
4,734 members

All In For Sport, an initiative backed by Krause House in collaboration with NounsDAO, is using Badges in order to enumerate community roles, including general members, professional athletes and partners. Discord roles and governance rights are distributed to community members based on Badge-holding.

CoW Swap
15,930 members

CoW Swap is issuing badges to Grants Committee members, Grants recipients, and investors to recognize different community roles and grant special rights based on badge-holding. Badges have varying utility, including Discord roles and governance power in Snapshot.

Token Engineering Academy
1,394 members

Token Engineering Academy is using Otterspace for their new TE Fundamentals course, issuing Badges to students who complete the curriculum. Students are then able to mint their Badges and display them in the TE dashboard.


Ready for blast-off?

The future is DAO...

The next iteration of the internet will be community-owned and operated, where value is distributed to those who contribute. DAOs are the foundation of Web3.


Decisions are made by members via a governance process. Hierarchies are limited and democratically elected.


DAOs are digitally native powered by blockchain technology. Where possible decisions are automatically executed by open code.


A community of members coming together around a shared project, mission, interest or purpose.

Contribute to DAOs and Collect Badges

Earn your first badge by joining

Single token systems are so last week

An otter for your soul

Badges are non-transferable NFTs, based on a new token standard... Yes, we've addressed concerns about consent and key rotation.

Badges = Reputation

Grant badges to recognize contribution and rely less on financial incentives.

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Badges = Governance

Use badges to give different types of members different levels of governance weight.

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Badges = Permissions

Automatically grant access and permissions to holders of specific badges.

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Otterspace Badges

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Put your badges to work

Build your ideal org with these integrations

Use Badges in governance with the Otterspace Snapshot strategy. Badges can be used instead of or alongside ERC20 tokens.

Gnosis Safe

Use Gnosis Safe to manage your community’s badge collection in Otterspace. Distribute permissions and set policies on how badges are created and issued.


With the Otterspace Guild integration, you can Badge-gate your Discord server, Telegram chat, Google Docs, and GitHub repos. Simply select the Badge you want to use from the dropdown list and set the rules for gating.


Use SafeSend to meet KYC compliance requirements in your DAO. SafeSend issues a Badge to members who have passed KYC, without revealing the contents of the checks.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far way...

the Otternauts lived peacefully...

... floating on their backs from planet to planet. The otterverse was distributed equally between planets, and they used their special floating powers to travel and collaborate with each other.

Meanwhile in a neighboring universe...

The vicious faang creatures were conquering more and more planets to add to their authoritarian empire. The faangs quickly conquered Interweb, the home of the humans. They banned humans from owning land, forcing them to pay rent by watching ads, and increased taxes to 50%.

As they grew their empire...

The faangs came closer and closer to the edge of the otterverse. But the otternauts had one key advantage: if the faangs succeeded in conquering one planet, the otternauts could just use their floating powers to spin up a new one somewhere else. The faangs stood no chance.

Feeling sorry for the plight of the humans

The otternauts decided to use their floating powers to help transport humans into the otterverse and away from the faangs’ tyrannical regime. As more humans join them, the otterverse becomes a more powerful and magical place.

Join the mission into the Otterverse